RSSread Version 2

This is just some ideas that I have about new features in the next release of RSSread

  1. Cache. The next release will have a cache. If the feed doesn’t load, it’ll load from the cache.
  2. Templates. This is a biggie, and will define how feeds are displayed on the screen.
  3. Category Sorting. If a feed has categories, then RSSread will either sort items by categories, or only display certain categories.
  4. Multiple feeds in one. Combine multiple feeds into one display.
  5. Multiple config files. Load different config files for different feeds and/or pages
  6. Support for different feed types, for example, Atom, RDF, RSS 0.92. These will be kept as separate modules, and added to as new formats come along, or old ones are updated.

Some of these features I was thinking about in the last release. For example, templates is in v1, but it is only basic; multiple config files, it is in its basic format, ie, changing settings by calling a function.

The other features, are either requests, or ideas I have had about what should be included.

I haven’t yet started development of version 2, that will start late 2006, early 2007, and will probably be released sometime in mid to late 2007