Finally Updated!

I must start this post with an apology to anyone who is subscribed to my feed!

Earlier today I finally upgraded my blog to WordPress 2.5. At the same time I took the opportunity to clean out my database, quite literally I reformatted my blog!

This involved me exporting all my posts, and blogroll, deleting all WordPress files, apart from my theme and wp-config.php, and then deleting all the WordPress tables from the database!
Then I installed the new version of WordPress and ran through the install. I then deleted the test post, and updated some of the options. I then imported all of my old posts into the fresh install.

That was only this morning, now what have I been doing for the past two weeks since my last post?
The answer, nothing much!

The only notable exception is that I have finally got my new computer up and running!

I installed both Fedora 7 and Windows XP onto the first hard drive, Linux on 100Gb, and Windows on 60Gb.
I am using the 500Gb hard drive for all of my files, on Linux this is mounted as /home

The new computer is working brilliantly, and its so much quieter than my previous computers!
I’ve just got to get a set of speakers, and possibly a new heat sink/fan for the processor, and that will be it sorted!

It’s getting quite late now, so thats it for this post
Till next week!

Quick Post

With reference to my last post about posting an update on how connecting my Siemens mobile phone to my Linux computer is going.

I have not forgotten about it, I started typing it up Sunday morning, but then had to go off to work so I was unable to complete it. This has been the first time this week that I have been able to get onto my computer, and even then I’m off to work in 5 minutes!

I booted my PC into XP and connected my phone, and it is working, so the phone is not at fault.

I’m going to try again with Linux, I have not given up any hope at all!

In fact it was with XP that I downloaded the Lnux version of Mobile Phone Manager from Siemens, so I’m going to transfer the files to a partition that is mounted under Linux and try that.

Got to go.