8 cups of tea!!!

I’ve had eight cups of tea today!
I’ll be looking like a tea bag before this week is out if I continue to consume the amount of tea I drank today!

I’m sure you *really* wanted to know about that!

Anyway, I’m sure you want to know all about my day of forklift training.
Boring! Apart from the last hour

There are two other people (colleagues?) training up on the forklift alongside me, and we are all novices.

The training runs from 8am to 6pm Monday to Thursday, and 8am to 4pm on Friday.
Monday to Wednesday is training up on the reach truck, with Thursday being the big test day.
Then on Friday we do the conversion test to get our counterbalance licence.

Today (Monday) was theory for most of the day.
We covered H&S laws on using the forklift trucks, and also a bit about the major components of a forklift and the maintenance of the vehicle.
Only after that were we taken downstairs to look at a reach truck.

Then it was back upstairs for more slides.
This time it was all about the limits of the forklift, and the (in)stability of it, and its load.
We were then shown a video of how unstable a forklift is with, and without a load.

All of this took us up until about 5pm

Back downstairs, and we go to the end of the yard where the lorries turn around, and we actually get to drive a reach truck. 🙂

First we just went back and forwards in a straight line.
Then we had to drive forwards and turn left, then stop and reverse and turn left again, so that we ended up back where we started.
Four pallets were then stood up on end, and we had to drive anti-clockwise around them (turning left)

It was all great fun, and cold!
Lets just hope the weather holds out.

Edit: Look out for a special Halloween header which will be doing the rounds for tomorrow (Tuesday) only.