Forklift Training Day 3

The big test is tomorrow!

How did I do?

Not bad. But I do need to improve my 90 degree turn.

Today we were mainly practicing the 90 degree turn, and stacking pallets.
We had to take the top three pallets off the top of one of two stacks, the high stack and the medium stack.
We then had to place the pallets on the floor for the next person.

The next person then pick up those pallets and returned them to the top of one of the stacks.

From about 4pm the chicane was set up again, and we had two goes each, both forwards and backwards, and with and without a load.

It was cold this morning, especially in the shade. So we moved even further down to the bottom corner of the yard where we had sun all day, apart from early evening onwards.

For the last half hour we watched another video, and then answered some questions we might get on the test.

Some of you may have noticed that my Halloween header was up for longer than a day. Thats because I forgot to change the images around. Oops, Its all fixed now.

Ive had seven cups of tea today (like you really wanted to know that!)

That is it for this post. I have now got to read the fork lift truck safety book, and revise for tomorrow.