Siemens, Moto4Lin and Linux

This post is now two weeks late, so I am posting it for historical purposes
As to the story of connecting my phone to my computer is getting along, it is no further, I found the XMPM software that Siemens provided for Linux computers, and I have had come lights flashing on the cable, so there is hope!

Alright, I nearly got it working.From my installation of moto4lin, I nearly got some progress!

In the preference dialog box I set the ACM Device as /dev/ttyUSB0 and then clicked on “Update List” and the phone shows up, sort of!

Its got an AT Vendor ID of 067b, and AT Product ID of 2303, but there is no manufacturer, or product shown in the list.

If I select “Set as AT Device” then “Ok”, and then in the main window click on “Connect/Disconnect”

The display window displays

[info] AT phone found
[info] Switching device /dev/ttyUSB0 to P2K mode…
[error] Unable to connect

So it can see then phone, but then it tries to change to P2K mode which is where is all falls down!

As for gammu. I reinstalled it, changed the config file to point to /dv/ttyUSB0 and changed the model and connection to “at”

At the command line “gammu –identify” doesn’t do anything!

It looks like its busy doing something, but nothing comes up on the screen