I am still here!

This is just a quick post to say that I am still alive, and I haven’t forgotten about you or my website!
Its been just over two weeks since my last post, which is not long considering that there has been longer periods of no updates!

Anyway, tomorrow is my 22nd birthday, and me and my girlfriend have got the next couple of days off work, so we are going to enjoy the sun and go out
Possible places to go to are: Bristol Zoo, Chedder Gorge, and Brean!
This weekend is also a bank holiday weekend, so the roads are probably going to be extra busy on Friday and Saturday, so I’m not sure if we will be able to travel very far!

On another note our holiday to Jersey has been paid for, we are going for a week in the middle of July, so hopefully the weather should be hot and sunny!
This will be our first time away from the parents, so that should be fun!
Who’s going to cook! Lol!

Im off to work now
Till next time!

2 thoughts on “I am still here!”

  1. I forgot it you had a few days of this week (*doh*). Hope you and your missus have a good few days ;). And not forgetting of course…


  2. Thanks Scott.
    I had a great day on Thursday, and Friday was good as well!

    Have a great day in work on Saturday and I’ll see you sometime next week 🙂

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