Finally got the hard drives!

I’ve finally gone and got the hard drives, and DVD drive for my new computer

And here’s a nice photo
Hard drives and DVD rewriter

The photo shows the DVD rewriter drive (top) and the two hard drives (bottom)

The details are:

DVD Rewriter: LG GSA-H66NBAL 20x DVDRW/RAM Black – SATA £13.85
Product Details: (Could not find specific details on website)

Hard Drive #1: 160GB Samsung Spinpoint SATA2 8MB £24.55
Product Details: type=harddiskdrives&subtype=spinpointpseries&model_cd=HD160JJ
Hard Drive #2: 500GB Samsung Spinpoint SATA2 16MB £46.95 (on offer at the time normally £48.95)
Product Details: type=harddiskdrives&subtype=spinpointtseries&model_cd=HD501LJ

That’s a total of £89.15 exc VAT
Delivery was an extra £9.95 (I chose a morning delivery)
The VAT came to £17.34
Which brings the total to £116.44

That means that the total price for my new computer comes to £369.78

Now I just have to build it now, that’ll be fun! Lol!

That’s all for this post now!
Till next time!

2 thoughts on “Finally got the hard drives!”

  1. “Now I just have to build it now, that’ll be fun! Lol!”

    You bet it will be! Install Vista, INSTALL VISTA!!!!!!111!111!

  2. Oh No! I’m not installing Vista!

    I’m only going to install XP so as I can run wine
    Other than that this computer will be a Linux only computer

    I think I might carry on with Fedora, or try something else (I’m quite tempted by Gentoo)

    I actually need another SATA cable before I can start building, as the motherboard only came with two!

    I’ll keep you updated

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