It’s Snow Gone Now!

What weird weather we’ve been having! When we were forecast the worst snow for 18 years I was thinking, “Yeah right, it’ll all be gone in a day!”

It started snowing heavily Monday lunch time, and it was quite thick by the evening when we built a snowman in the back garden. There was a fine dusting of snow during that night, and by Wednesday it was all gone!

During Wednesday night it snowed again! And again Thursday night! Some places had up to a foot of snow!

Driving Thursday and Friday was hazardous, as no roads had been gritted, but the motorways had been ploughed.
There was also a lot of fuss about low grit and salt levels, with supplies in Bristol, South Gloucester, and BANES not having enough grit to grit all the roads, with reports that the supplies wouldn’t last till Monday!
It got so desperate that South Gloucester council had to use table salt instead of rock salt to grit the roads with!

Friday was the worst day of all, as the snow just settled on top of the snow left over from Wednesday night.
Friday was also the worst day for school closures, as all schools in South Gloucester and BANES were closed, as were most schools in Bristol.

During Saturday the snow stayed around, and conditions were icy.

Today (Sunday) it has been raining most of the day which has cleared all but the thickest deposits of ice and snow from the roads, but the forecast is for more snow for either tonight or Monday night.

I have posted some photos on Flickr, but I do have a few more to upload which I will do in the next couple of days.

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Message in a Bottle

This weekend my dad lifted up the steps from where the greenhouse used to stand, and found a message in a bottle that I put there when the greenhouse was put up

Here is the message, reproduced with bad grammar and spelling mistakes!


My name is Anthony Rogers and I live(d) here with my sister (B****), mum (C******) and Dad (K**). I’m 13 years old and I have one Rat called Clover My sister has a pet Hampster called Harry.
I have had two other pets called Milky and Coco (Mice) and an adopted one called Hercules (also a mouse). My Sister and mum both have horses called Merlin and Chance (My sister has had two others called Brandy (2nd) Sox/Socks(1st).
I have brown eyes and dark brown hair and I was born 3rd May 1985.
When I’m older I plan to be an artist
Anthony Rogers

I didn’t write the year on the message, but from my calculations it looks to be from 1998.

The message was put inside a plastic wallet and then rolled up and secured with an elastic band. It was then put inside an old tomato ketchup bottle.
The metal lid had rusted, and the outside of the glass was cloudy, but the paper had survived with slight browning in a couple of places!

Now, what should I do with the message? Put a new one in the bottle and bury it again?