Kung Fu Panda

* * * Spoiler Alert! * * *

We managed to get to the cinema in time at 20:25, but the queues were long and we thought we would miss the beginning!

Luckily when we got the front of the queue the film hadn’t started, even though it was 20 minutes after the advertised start time!

Most of the people there was to see Mamma Mia, the previous viewing sold out, so some of them had come back. When we got to the front one of the staff came out and said that that viewing of Mamma Mia was now sold out!

Back to Kung Fu Panda…

You know those old Kung Fu films? With those seemingly impossible moves?
Yeah? Well this film has loads of them although animated though!

The story is about a lazy panda, named Po, that accidentally becomes the chosen “Dragon Warrior”. Despite having no real life experience of Kung Fu, Master Shifu must find a way to train Po and make him a Kung Fu Master

He must then fight Tai Lung, a snow leopard.

I’ve read reviews about Kung Fu Panda, saying that with the big names doing the voices in the film, we don’t get to see (hear?) them often. For example, Jackie Chan is the voice of Monkey, but I don’t remember ever hearing Monkey speak!

It’s a funny film, great for kids, but also for the adults.