The Great Car Hunt The Finale

Imagine the scene.
Its 10am on a Sunday morning.
There is a knock on your bedroom door.
“I’m getting dressed” You shout
“Hurry up! We’ve got somewhere to go” The person on the other side of the door says

Ok, thats more or less what happened this morning. We had another car to see.
Just before 11 o’clock, we pulled up outside the house in Downend.
A friendly neighbour came up to us and said that the owners had left, but he was to show us around the car.

First impressions. Not bad. Its a tidy car, clean, a sort of dark red in colour.
Its got an immobiliser, central locking, five doors.
The engine is clean, no signs of oil leaks. The car was parked in the owners back garden, and there wasn’t much room to get underneath it.

The left rear light has got a crack in it, and the bumper is scratched.
With a thumbs up from dad, we agree to buy it 😀

We leave our name, and phone number with the neighbour, and drive off.
Just got down the road, and we get a phone call saying that the owners will be back for 12noon. We turn around, and then with three cashpoint cards draw out £650.

We arrive back at the house, the owner appears, and we get to take it for a test drive.
Dad drove it, parked back outside the house, and the owner says that he has to go and pick his wife up. Off he goes…
Dad checks the car out more thoroughly, there is an oil leak coming from some where in the engine, but that is all.

When the owner gets back, we discover that it is actually his sons car.
An offer of £600 is made, it is accepted.
Money changes hands, documents get signed.
I’ve got myself a new car.

Dad drives it back home.
I haven’t yet driven it!
Ive insured it with Direct Line, for £970

Thats it, after something like 6/7 weeks of searching for a car, I’ve got one.