Driving – an update

I haven’t posted anything about my driving lessons have I?
Well, here goes…

The first lesson I did 1 lap of circular road on the downs
The two hours passed really quickly, I got into 2nd gear and was going at about 20mph at one point
No. of times stalled: 0

The second lesson, this time Wednesday morning I did three laps of the downs (Circular road, Ladies mile, Stoke road, and then Rockleaze/Downleaze) anti-clockwise, and two laps clockwise.
I got into 3rd gear and was doing 30mph
No. of times stalled: about 8 (i lost count!)

The third lesson, today (Monday) I was driving around Southmead practicing junctions (we went past auntie Sue’s place 3 times!)
This time I was mainly in 2nd at about 20mph (there was lots of junctions, all close together)
No. of times stalled: 2 (both towards the end)

Driving again next week
I’m getting better
More updates coming!