Lesson #17

Went up to Cribbs Causeway and drove around doing about 4 or 5 circuits of the roads around the mall practicing roundabouts.

Then we went to the Tesco in Redland to practice bay parking.
I got it right first time (again!)
My Instructor said that I was the only one of his students to get bay parking right every time.

I’m so good….Yay!

Theory test friday…woohoo! (sarcastic!)
Im still practicing my theory, and hazard.
I know i will do good on the theory, im just not so sure about my hazard

Any way…
Next update friday

Lesson 15/16

The same old thing happened!
I drove around, practicing manoeuvers.

Today (3rd May) drove down the Portway past @Bristol and then up park street, after that I’m not sure, but we did up going through Westbury and Southmead.

Did three or four turns in the road at the Downs. I also did a couple of left reverses and a parallel park.

Theory test next week, I’m doing a test run on Friday to see how long it will take me to get to the test centre.

14th Lesson

I just got back, so I’m not late in posting this 😉

We drove out of Bristol, and on to Nailsea, and Backwell, along a dual-carriageway. I got into 5th gear! hehe. highest speed i got to: about 65mph (105km/h) – it was a dual-carriageway way.

Did a couple of turns in the road, and a left reverse. And just drove around.
The lesson started at 9am, and we stop in an industrial estate at about 9.50am.

I’m also going to book my theory test, I’ve got 1/2 an hour before I got to get ready to go to work.

Till next time

Late update – Lesson 12a

Hehe, couldn’t resist the “12a”

It Good Friday, and I’m writing about Mondays lesson, which went alright!

By “alright” i mean, i just have to improve on my speed up to junctions and polish off a couple more areas and then i can put in for my test! Yikes!

I haven’t even booked my Theory test yet, it will have to be Tuesday now.

Thats it!
Next lesson Wednesday 9am

Long over due update

Oh, um! No updates for a couple of weeks, naughty, naughty!

My instructor got his new car on the 27th March, and I was one of the first to drive it!
For me, that was one of the worst weeks, I know it was a new car, but that was no excuse.
A car is a car, and the rules of the road still apply no matter what car you drive.
Just to clarify, I was stalling, going up to junctions too fast, oh the mistakes I made!

-Time To Move On-
During that same week when I came home from work, dad told me that he had put me on his insurance, so that I can get some practice in a car without dual-control.
The insurance runs out in the last week of April, so it was only £65 to add me.
The papers to confirm it arrived on April the first (no jokes please!)

That same day I went out with dad and the L plates, and got in three hours of driving.
It was before I went to work, so I took my uniform, so that we didn’t have to go back home.
Left house about 10:15am, arrived at Asda about 1:00pm.

-The Next Driving Lesson-
I was much better!
I was use to the car, and only stalled a couple of times, I can’t remember why now – it was a week ago!
We also drove further along the Portway past Sylvan Way and turned off onto Bridge Valley Road (just before the suspension bridge). Its a really sharp turn, and quite a steep hill.

-Since Then…-
Ive had a bit more practice driving dads car, so I should be much better tomorrow

Till then
See ya

Driving – Tenth Lesson

Oh! Twenty hours of driving now…
And still no sign of taking my theory, or hazard tests, a bit more theory and hazard practice and ill book them

Onto driving now…
I am certainly getting better! 🙂 practiced parallel parking, left reverse, turn in the road, and emergency stop :phew:
Parallel parking could of gone better! the emergency stop was near perfect. As was the turn in the road and left reverse, but i do need to improve my observations on the last two.

Pulling back out side the house was a little hair-raising. I’m not going to say anymore, but lets just say the neighbours car needed to change its underwear! 😉

Bye for now

I didn’t hit their car, but it was damned close, another foot or two…

Driving – Ninth Lesson

18 hours of driving already!?!?!?

This Monday practiced more parallel parking, then went onto bay parking, which is not going to be something I’m tested on if i take my test at Southmead, but i will need to know how…

I’m going to have to put in for my theory and hazard soon, it’ll probably be before, or soon after easter.

by my calculations, and taking the average length of time to pass of 46 hours of driving (with an instructor) i will be driving by the first/second week of July.

More next week

Driving – Seventh Lesson

Ive done seven lessons already!!! Thats 14 hours of driving, and I’m getting better.
Drove away from the house, and onto the Portway, and it was nice! My driving instructor said that he enjoyed it!

I reversed around a left corner three times, that was fun, I don’t think I hit the kerb, or the pavement, and I don’t think that i swung out too far.

Also did a bit more practicing emergency stops, four of them as a matter of fact.
On the third stop, the car skidded, and there was a little bit of smoke drift past the front of the car.
On the second circuit i saw the tyre marks left on the road, and they were going of to the side of the road.
Also practiced turns in the road

More next week

Driving – Sixth Lesson

Did more turns in the road, and this time they were all completed in three manoeuvres – and I did not stall on one of them (at least I don’t think I did! I might of once or twice though)

This time I did get up to 50mph, but i stayed in fourth gear – maybe next time!

This lesson i just drove around, practiced holding the car on the clutch on a hill, and just letting the car roll forwards and back bringing it to a standstill

More next week
Stayed tuned!