Brands Hatch

Me and dad went to Brands Hatch on Sunday 20th as VIP guests of one of the sponsors of the #11 car in the legends car racing

We got a nice box on the start/finish line with free food and drinks all day.
We had a buffet at the team “garage” in the paddock, and got to talk to the driver, Simon Belcher, and the commentator. If we wanted to, we could of gone down to the pit lane and the tower in the middle of the circuit.

My favourite race of the day was the Pickup Truck racing

We saw several cars spin off the track, and one big(ish) accident involving two cars.
It was during the MG racing the car #19 spun around (somehow. i just saw him facing the other direction) then car #99 hit him just behind the drivers door. It was just a glancing blow, the only damage car #19 had was a dent behind the drivers door.
Car #99 ended up in the gravel with the front drivers corner re-shaped!
The driver of car #99 walked out, while the driver of #19 was taken out on a spinal board. The rescue crews had the roof off the car.

Other races that went on during the day were:
Formula Woman
MG Owners Club Racing
Ginetta Junior

From the MotorSport Vision website

One race that I would like to go back to watch is the Truck Racing on November the 4th and 5th
British Truck Racing Association