The Great Car Hunt Part 1

The hunt for my first car properly started off today with me and dad going around looking at three cars.

The first one was an M reg red Vauxhall Corsa 1.2 petrol. It wasn’t in that bad a condition, but the inside could of done with a clean, there was an oil leak from somewhere, and the exhaust rattled. 7/10 possible, if there is no other cars.

The next car we went to see was a P reg Renault Clio 1.9 diesel. The body work looked tatty, and had paint flaking off of the rear bumper, it had been painted. The engine needed some major work doing to it, for example, the radiator needs replacement, the sump was thick with oil, part of the frame underneath was bent. And to top that off you could see the wires in the spare tyre. Nope.

The third car, was a R reg red Renault Clio 1.2 petrol. The body work looked fine, the engine was in working order and clean. But what has put us off is the fact that it looks like it has been in an accident. The boot was a little crooked, with a gap between the rear right lights that you could put your fingers between, and no such gap on the other side. Also, the rear offside (left) wing was dented in above the wheel. 2/10. It would of been a 9/10 if it didn’t have the body work problems.

More tomorrow