The Great Car Hunt Part 2

What a frustrating day!

We only looked at two cars! Two other cars had already been sold, and three others didn’t answer the phone.

Car one, a white N reg 1.2 petrol Renault Clio. It looked alright. The engine had a slight rattle, and the rear window wiper was missing. 5/10.

The second car was a M reg 1.5 Vauxhall Corsa diesel. The engine was in sound condition, and was clean and tidy inside and out. But it did have a spot of rust on the rear off-side door, and the milage was high, about 90,000 miles. 7/10, it would of been higher if it didn’t have the rust, and the milage was lower.

So, no car this week. I will have next Saturday off, and hope that we get to see more cars.