Theres a New Driver!

There’s a new driver let loose on the public highways, yes, my girlfriend has passed her driving test, and is now looking for a car.

Unlike some, she passed first time with only five minors, to my six!

Latest film watched, Death at a Funeral, a good film, a comedy, I’ll write more about it tomorrow.

Tell then,
See you

4 thoughts on “Theres a New Driver!”

  1. I’m sorry but the challenge was to see who would pass first, not who would pass in the least amount of tests, therefore…I WIN 🙂

    Note I only had 3 minors as well…

  2. Yea right! Just cause you passed before X doesn’t make you the winner, X passed first time, whereas it took you three tries just to pass.

    So up yours! Lol!

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