Finally Updated!

I must start this post with an apology to anyone who is subscribed to my feed!

Earlier today I finally upgraded my blog to WordPress 2.5. At the same time I took the opportunity to clean out my database, quite literally I reformatted my blog!

This involved me exporting all my posts, and blogroll, deleting all WordPress files, apart from my theme and wp-config.php, and then deleting all the WordPress tables from the database!
Then I installed the new version of WordPress and ran through the install. I then deleted the test post, and updated some of the options. I then imported all of my old posts into the fresh install.

That was only this morning, now what have I been doing for the past two weeks since my last post?
The answer, nothing much!

The only notable exception is that I have finally got my new computer up and running!

I installed both Fedora 7 and Windows XP onto the first hard drive, Linux on 100Gb, and Windows on 60Gb.
I am using the 500Gb hard drive for all of my files, on Linux this is mounted as /home

The new computer is working brilliantly, and its so much quieter than my previous computers!
I’ve just got to get a set of speakers, and possibly a new heat sink/fan for the processor, and that will be it sorted!

It’s getting quite late now, so thats it for this post
Till next week!

4 thoughts on “Finally Updated!”

  1. @Jeffro2pt0
    Thanks for dropping by!

    It feels great! And all the id’s in the database are in order! Lol!
    The reformatting gave me a chance to reorder, and clear out a few things, and your article gave me the courage to do it, and the new version of WordPress gave me the kick up the butt I needed to get it done!
    Lol albeit two weeks late!

  2. If you continue to deprive me of blog posts, I’ll be forced to take blog-tion against you.

    Wooh for new computers!

  3. @Tom
    Sorry for making you go cold turkey! Lol!

    I see you’ve signed up for a new account, unfortunately that was one of the few things I lost in the reformatting, apart from my akismet spam count (which currently stands at 20,432 spam comments caught so far!)

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