New Phone!!!

I’ve got a new phone! It’s not the best or the latest, but it doesn’t need to be, I only text and make the occasional call.

It’s got bluetooth, FM radio, music player and a camera, four more things than my last one did! Lol!

It’s the Samsung E250, it is a slide action phone with a nice big clear screen on it, at least bigger than my old one! Lol!

But I’m not to sure about the keypad, it’s recessed inside the phone and is hidden when the phone is closed. This makes the keypad small, especially for typing texts!

It’s still new, so I’m still getting use to it!

One thought on “New Phone!!!”

  1. The same phone as me! It’s o.k. but when it flashes low battery none of the gadgets work i.e music player and it flashes for about 24 hours until the battery goes dead. Battery lasts about 4 days.

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