First Blog

I am Anthony Rogers, I am 20 years old, even though I don’t look it!

I have a website hosted at
I have had this site for the past two to three years and keep on updating it infrequently.

At the moment I am working on an image gallery script with its own admin area.
I started this project for use in the Photo Section on my website, but I will release it for general use.

My dad and I went to the The Swan Inns 1st Beer Festival. We paid £5 for a ticket, which got us a commemorative 1/2 pint beer mug. A further £10 brought us four beer tokens each.
On offer was around 20 different beers from around the UK, plus a couple of ciders, in total there was 24 different beers.
The four beers that I tried was: Gem, Autumnal, Dark Island, and Abbot Ale;
The four beers that dad tried was: Roaring Meg, Wicked Witch, Old Bob, and Piddle in the Wind

Thats all for now!