Long over due update

Oh, um! No updates for a couple of weeks, naughty, naughty!

My instructor got his new car on the 27th March, and I was one of the first to drive it!
For me, that was one of the worst weeks, I know it was a new car, but that was no excuse.
A car is a car, and the rules of the road still apply no matter what car you drive.
Just to clarify, I was stalling, going up to junctions too fast, oh the mistakes I made!

-Time To Move On-
During that same week when I came home from work, dad told me that he had put me on his insurance, so that I can get some practice in a car without dual-control.
The insurance runs out in the last week of April, so it was only £65 to add me.
The papers to confirm it arrived on April the first (no jokes please!)

That same day I went out with dad and the L plates, and got in three hours of driving.
It was before I went to work, so I took my uniform, so that we didn’t have to go back home.
Left house about 10:15am, arrived at Asda about 1:00pm.

-The Next Driving Lesson-
I was much better!
I was use to the car, and only stalled a couple of times, I can’t remember why now – it was a week ago!
We also drove further along the Portway past Sylvan Way and turned off onto Bridge Valley Road (just before the suspension bridge). Its a really sharp turn, and quite a steep hill.

-Since Then…-
Ive had a bit more practice driving dads car, so I should be much better tomorrow

Till then
See ya