Boy was it windy today!

Unfortunately in work one of the main doors that the lorries are unloaded through was broken, it was broken by the wind some time last week.
This meant that the wind was coming through the warehouse through the grocery corridor and onto the shop floor.

In the corridor we have a rubbish cage (also know as: comp; roll-cage) where we put the cardboard from the shop floor before putting it into the compactor.
The wind was so strong that it was pushing against the cardboard in the cage and it was rolling onto the shop floor.

Later on in the evening the other main door was closed, but it got stuck down, the motor that winds it up burnt out or something like that!
I came back down after my break and the door was open, it had been fixed!
Usually it takes one to two days for someone to come out to fix the doors, but today someone came out and had fixed it within half an hour!

Other wind related stories:

Well thats about it!
Until next time