I’ve nearly got a Sunday off!
For the first time in a couple of months, I am only going into work for the afternoon, and that is for home shopping.
But now that we have a few more drivers, this should be the last time I am on home shopping for a little while.
I’m not holding my breath! But hopefully from tomorrow I will not be asked in on my days off to cover home shopping, or to go out in the vans during my shift.

This is day three of December, and the decorations are going to be put up 10 days early! They are normally put up twelve days before Christmas, but this year mum has decided that she wants to get into the Christmas spirit before her works Christmas party.

Next week I’m going for my department Christmas party, its up at the Swan Inn in Tockington, at the same place we went to last year.

Lets see what I can do to make my website more Christmassy 😉

Bye for now