Saw 3

I went to the cinema on Monday to watch Saw III with a *special* friend from work.

I’m not very good at writing reviews, as I tend to just say “It was alright!”

What I will say about Saw 3, is that is was not as scary as I thought it would be. There are some gruesome moments, the one that particularly got me was where this man had all of his limbs twisted.

Overall, the plot wasn’t particularly confusing, there was a few flash back moments to scenes from the previous two movies. Even though this was the first Saw movie I have watched, I didn’t feel lost, like I had to have watched the first two, just to “get with it” and know what was happening.

Most of the loose ends are brought together quite neatly at the end, and questions like “Why were those people picked?” and “Who is playing the Game?” is answered at the end.
The only question left unanswered is “What about the daughter?”. There is a hint as to what has happened to her, but otherwise it is left up to the watcher to answer that one!

Who knows, maybe there might be a Saw 4 after all!

My verdict, if you are squeamish take a bucket and sit next to the exit, other than that its an interesting, but a gory and scary, film to watch!