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At last, here is the first 18 out of 44 photos from my day at brands hatch.

I will post them in two post, as there is so many photos.
This first post is the non-Truck races.

Formula Renault 1
Formula Renault. The start of the race

Formula Renault 2
A single Formula Renault car

Touring Cars 1
Touring cars. First lap

Touring Cars 2
Touring cars, still on the first lap, this is at the back of the grid

Touring Cars 3
Touring cars, and she comes to a stop!

Touring Cars 4
The driver gets out safely

Touring Cars 5
The car gets pushed back onto her wheels

Sunset over Brands Hatch
The sunset at the end of the day

Legends 1
Legends racing

Legends 2
More of the little cars

Legends 3
One of the legend cars stuck in the gravel, note the foot prints.

Legends 4
Same car, same race, with another car going past.

Legends 5
Another Legends race

Legends 6
And again. There was three Legends races the whole day

Pickup Trucks 1
Pick up trucks

Pickup Trucks 2
Pick up trucks again

Pickup Trucks 3
The pick ups going up the hill to the second corner

Pickup Trucks 4
A few more pick ups

Well, that is it for this post, the next 26 photos coming soon…

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