Photos 2 of 2

The second post in one night! A new record!

These photos are the last of them, and are all of the trucks – the highlight of the day!

Truck Racing 1
Two trucks

Truck Racing 2
More trucks!

Truck Racing 3
A few more trucks!

Truck Racing 4
The same bunch of trucks

Truck Racing 5
More trucks. I believe it is the leaders catching up with the back markers!

Truck Racing 6
The blue truck with “Birds” on the side is the leader.

Truck Racing 7
Trucks going to the second corner. No, that is not mist or fog, that is smog!

Truck Racing 8
This is how the trucks got onto the track

Truck Racing 9
They were too tall to fit under the tunnel

Truck Racing 10
The trucks are not as tall as you would of thought

Truck Racing 11
Two different types of truck, the English type with the flat nose, and the American type with the long nose.

Truck Racing 12
Black dust coming from the brakes, or the clutch!

Truck Racing 13
This is the warm-up lap of the final race, trucks have a rolling start.

Truck Racing 14
Going up the hill to the second corner, still on the warm-up lap

Truck Racing 15
The first proper lap! The white smoke coming from the front wheels is steam coming from the water cooled brakes!

Truck Racing 16
The blue truck with “Birds” on the side is the leader, and won the race

Truck Racing 17
This race was faster, and closer than the first race

Truck Racing 18
Oops! And off we go sideways. That is the correct way to handle this corner!

Truck Racing 19
And when it comes to a rest against the side, the driver flees the scene!

Truck Racing 20
She’s still parked there! During both races the stewards were the other side of the fence in with the audience.

Truck Racing 21
Truck-o-saurus to the rescue!

Truck Racing 22
And pull!

Truck Racing 23
Finally! Free! Now to complete this race!

Truck Racing 24
Some of the lorries in the parade, this is along the start/finish straight

Truck Racing 25
They weren’t moving that fast!

Truck Racing 26
My attempt at trying to keep one in view! I wasn’t moving fast enough!

That is not all of the photos! There is still another 29 photos left on my hard drive!
But the 44 that I have uploaded are the only ones I’m sharing, as the others are not that good a quality, or just show the same scene.

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