Christmas Monday!

I’ve just got to finish of my sister, and get something for my dad and that’s it.
The only thing that would be left to do is wrap the presents!

What have I been doing since the last post?
Working mainly!

I had Sunday off, but that was because it was granddads 86th birthday on Saturday, and me, dad, and sister, and granddad (obviously) and auntie Sue went to the White Horse on the A38 just past Thornbury for a meal.
On Sunday morning me and dad went around the shops. Which was when I finished mums presents.

On Monday I worked. Luckily it was only in the morning, so I could still go out in the evening with my girlfriend.

For the next three of four days, until Friday, or Saturday, I will be working close to 12 hours a day!
Tomorrow (Wednesday) I’ll be doing a bit of Christmas shopping in the morning, so I wont be working 12 hours, but I will be working longer than my usual eight hours!

In the home shopping office someone has written out the twelve days of Christmas song, but changed it slightly!
Each verse starts with: On the n’th day of Christmas ASDA House sent to me….

I’ll try to get a copy of it and post it soon.
As for my Christmas theme…I wont be able to do the twelve days of Christmas header image after all, mainly due to the fact that I haven’t been able to have any time to make a start on them.
If I can manage to do at least the first three or four, then I will be able to make them up a couple of days in advance. But I cannot see myself being able to find the time to do even one!

As for the rest of the Christmas theme, I will put up the additional images, but not the banner, as I haven’t complete it yet.

I wonder what a couple of my New Year Resolutions will be….

Merry Christmas every one

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