Its Nearly Christmas!

This time next week it’ll be Boxing day, and Christmas itself will be over for another year!

The past week has been quite busy at work, the warehouse has been in a complete and utter state, and still is!
We just keep on getting stock, and nights just keep on not working all of it! And not working any of the back stock!

As for Christmas shopping, I’ve very nearly finished, I just need to get my girlfriend one last thing and thats her finished!
The last thing to do is wrap it all, thats a job for Christmas eve night! Lol!

The Christmas card count has reached seven, two of them from relatives, and another two are made out to both me and my girlfriend!

I think thats just about it for now.

Until next time,
Merry Christmas

Second Christmas Meal

Tonight is my second Christmas meal, the first was last night which was the Grocery meal, tonight is the Warehouse/GM meal.

The meal last night was alright, they give out big portions of meat! And then I piled on the vegetables! I only just managed to finish it!
Before that there was a starter, I chose the soup, and for after I had the Christmas pudding.

The soup was alright, vegetable I think! But the Christmas pudding was only a small square on a big plate, and the piece I had was rock hard, I couldn’t even cut it with a knife!

Tonight I’m having the same, but I chose a different pudding, apple pie with custard!

I’ve done a bit of Christmas shopping, I managed to get something for everyone! But I’ve not entirely finished yet!

I’ve now got 15 minutes to get ready for the Christmas meal!

Till next time,
Merry Christmas

Its December Already!

Its been two weeks since my last post, so whats been happening?

For a start I managed to get search working on Linux Links, so thats all well and good

I have also added a couple of other features to the site.

The first feature is being able to browse by hostname, unless two or more pages in the database come from the same host then there is no way to access it, and that’s deliberate!

The second feature is a status checker, which basically checks if the page can be accessed every day, and the results of that are displayed on the url page.

Its Sunday now, I started this post on Saturday but had to go out before finishing this post!

Now that it is December I’m working more hours at work. I am now working six days a week and have Mondays off.
That means that I’ve got Christmas eve and New Years eve off, so that’s a good thing!

It’s December which means that obviously I haven’t even started Christmas shopping yet!
And like usual I don’t have the foggiest what to get anyone!

Staying with the Christmas theme, one good point to working out in the warehouse is that I don’t get to listen to the endless Christmas songs repeated countless number of times throughout the day!
Also, I’ve got 2 Christmas meals to go to this year, the first on the eighth is the Grocery Christmas meal, and then on the ninth is the Warehouse and GM meal, at the same place!

Thats it for this week!
See you next time!

I’ve just got over a cold or the flu!

I woke up Friday morning afternoon at about 12:30, and I had a slight headache!

I made myself some eggybread for breakfast lunch
I then went back to sleep for another half an hour and woke up still with my headache.

I went out shopping with my girlfriend to asda and then the mall, and I just couldn’t stop shaking

I had an early night that night, honest, well nearly midnight is early! Lol!

I woke up this morning with a slight headache, but i wasn’t as bad as last nights, and I’ve had this headache all day now!

I’ve been on my computer all day, but I haven’t managed to make any of my planned updates to my website!
But I have added the SRG Clean Archives plugin to my blog.
I’m just going to post this entry and make sure that the changes I made to the plugin work before I let it loose!

Till next time
Stay well!

Edit: It works!

Christmas Monday!

I’ve just got to finish of my sister, and get something for my dad and that’s it.
The only thing that would be left to do is wrap the presents!

What have I been doing since the last post?
Working mainly!

I had Sunday off, but that was because it was granddads 86th birthday on Saturday, and me, dad, and sister, and granddad (obviously) and auntie Sue went to the White Horse on the A38 just past Thornbury for a meal.
On Sunday morning me and dad went around the shops. Which was when I finished mums presents.

On Monday I worked. Luckily it was only in the morning, so I could still go out in the evening with my girlfriend.

For the next three of four days, until Friday, or Saturday, I will be working close to 12 hours a day!
Tomorrow (Wednesday) I’ll be doing a bit of Christmas shopping in the morning, so I wont be working 12 hours, but I will be working longer than my usual eight hours!

In the home shopping office someone has written out the twelve days of Christmas song, but changed it slightly!
Each verse starts with: On the n’th day of Christmas ASDA House sent to me….

I’ll try to get a copy of it and post it soon.
As for my Christmas theme…I wont be able to do the twelve days of Christmas header image after all, mainly due to the fact that I haven’t been able to have any time to make a start on them.
If I can manage to do at least the first three or four, then I will be able to make them up a couple of days in advance. But I cannot see myself being able to find the time to do even one!

As for the rest of the Christmas theme, I will put up the additional images, but not the banner, as I haven’t complete it yet.

I wonder what a couple of my New Year Resolutions will be….

Merry Christmas every one

Finally Started Xmas Shopping!


Well okay, I went around the mall in Cribbs Causeway with my mum in the afternoon, and I brought a couple of presents for my girlfriend (read: *special* friend)

I was also picking up a couple of ideas for what to buy everyone else.
I think I have I know what to buy now. Its just a case of when I’m going to be able to have the time to do the shopping!
This morning, just before work!

In other news, I will get the images done for the Christmas theme, again I just need to find the time!

Gotta go shopping now
Bye for now!

Christmas is getting ever nearer!

Its true, honest!

I had my Christmas meal at work today. It’s free, and the managers bring the food over to your table.
I had my first chestnuts, they were mixed up with the over cooked sprouts!
For afters I had Christmas pudding with, I think, cream, or it could of been brandy sauce!
Then they came round with a tray of mince pies, from the extra special range, of course!

I didn’t do any shopping on Monday, as my sister was working, and I still don’t have a clue as to what to get anyone for Christmas!

On a brighter note, I’ve nearly completed the Christmas theme, I just need to finish the images.
Until then, I have updated the style, so you can all have a look at the new Christmas colours
I also have an idea for something special over the twelve days of Christmas 😉

Bye for now

December already!

Arrrrgggghhhhh! Its December already, and I have not done one itsy-bitsy bit of Christmas shopping!

I’m trying to bribe my sister to go up the mall with me on Monday, but she has work that day, so I’ll only be shopping in the afternoon.

The problem is, I don’t know what to get anyone, and I don’t know what I want for Christmas either!
I’m going to have to think of something though, otherwise I will just end up with money, socks, chocolate, and more smellies.

I wouldn’t mind the chocolates, I get some every year anyway, and I always need more smellies!
But socks!

I suppose I’ll just settle for the money!

In other news, all this week I have been working in the health and beauty and baby warehouse, keeping the area tidy, and working some of the stock, especially the Christmas gifts.
Every night when I go home its looking nice and tidy, with gaps where cages used to be, but when I get in, there is normally a pallet or two with a couple of items on them and several more cages scattered around left over from nights.

So far this week I have only been on home shopping twice!
On Wednesday I went out with a possible new driver, I drove out and drove around for half of the round, then for the second half we swapped seats. We were doing the Potishead/Clevedon round.

On Thursday I went out with another new driver, this time I was the passenger, and just helped him carrying the shopping to the customers door.

I know I’m on home shopping on Sunday afternoon, but I’m sure I will be on home shopping again either today or tomorrow.

Until next time,
Bye for now

Still Here…Just!

Christmas is only a few days away now, Ive only just finished Christmas shopping

As I’m typing this up there is the sound of sellotape being unwound from the roll and wrapped two or three times around some ones or others present(s).

The lack of updates has been partly due to the fact that I am spending so much time at work and other projects, like the infamous new project, and IMfriends which is still in alpha testing, and probably won’t ever see the light of day.

Today/tomorrow/Friday (depending on your view of things) will be rammed at work as it is payday, and there is still two days of Christmas shopping days left.

Roll on May… 😉