Lack of Updates!?

Alright, so the sudden flurry of posts at the start of the month soon died out! Lol!

But why the sudden activity, and then nothing?

I was going to try and start posting more often, not long posts, just short ones, little snippets of information and short stories about nothing in particular.

Well, I had two in mind, but as always, I just never got around to it! Lol!

Not much has happened, the only two things that I can think of is that my girlfriends oldest brother became a dad, they called him Liam and he was born on the 6th of August.

The other is that I have started working on a new site style, and seeing as I have a week off I haven’t touched it! Lol!

It’s in the same style as the current style, but I’m going to rearrange where the sub menu’s appear, and the layout of posts and comments. This will mainly affect the blog side of my site, but I might bring some of the changes into other areas of my site.

It’s Easter!

Well, it’s Easter today! I’ve got two Easter eggs, one bar of chocolate, and a bag of mini eggs, and I’ve still got one egg left to receive!
Really, I’m nearly 23, and I’m still getting excited over receiving Easter eggs, but I think its chocolate that does it, when else are we given this much chocolate, it just takes you back to childhood!

In other news, I have finally restarted work on Linux Links, now I just have the search page to complete before I finally release this long awaited version of Linux Links.
I am aiming to release the updated Linux Links on Tuesday 1st April, no joke! Honest!

I have done a few tweaks to my website and blog, a couple of them you might not notice!

The first is that I’ve separated trackbacks and pings from comments in single post view.

Secondly I have added a print CSS style sheet to both the blog and website, so if you need to print anything out you only get the main content, and not the navigation bars.
I think there is still a few more bits to change with the print style to make it more complete, but its working!

The third is that I’ve signed up for a FeedBurner account, I have already burnt my feed, and you can find it here. I have set up the redirects, so you can continue using the old address, and you will still receive the feed as normal!

There’s a few more that I have fixed or changed as I have been going around, but they don’t really effect anything!

My dad’s off to Brands Hatch this afternoon to watch the Truck racing on Monday, he’s camping over tonight and Monday night and coming back on Tuesday morning.
The Truck racing was awesome last time, and it’s something I would like to go and watch again, the thing that put me off the most is the weather, it going to be cold and wet!

That’s all for this post now, I’ll post more details when I know more!
Till then
See you

New Year, New Style!

Its the new year, and what a time to update my websites style!
A new year, a new style!
What do you think? Comments are welcome!

There may be a few issues, especially in browsers other than Firefox on Linux.
So if your using Internet Explorer, Opera or any other web browser on Windows, or Mac and you spot a problem let me know about them so I can sort it out. Thanks!

I don’t have any time to post any more as I should be on my way to my girlfriends by now, so I’ll post more details as soon as I can.

Until then,
Happy New Year!

Christmas Monday!

I’ve just got to finish of my sister, and get something for my dad and that’s it.
The only thing that would be left to do is wrap the presents!

What have I been doing since the last post?
Working mainly!

I had Sunday off, but that was because it was granddads 86th birthday on Saturday, and me, dad, and sister, and granddad (obviously) and auntie Sue went to the White Horse on the A38 just past Thornbury for a meal.
On Sunday morning me and dad went around the shops. Which was when I finished mums presents.

On Monday I worked. Luckily it was only in the morning, so I could still go out in the evening with my girlfriend.

For the next three of four days, until Friday, or Saturday, I will be working close to 12 hours a day!
Tomorrow (Wednesday) I’ll be doing a bit of Christmas shopping in the morning, so I wont be working 12 hours, but I will be working longer than my usual eight hours!

In the home shopping office someone has written out the twelve days of Christmas song, but changed it slightly!
Each verse starts with: On the n’th day of Christmas ASDA House sent to me….

I’ll try to get a copy of it and post it soon.
As for my Christmas theme…I wont be able to do the twelve days of Christmas header image after all, mainly due to the fact that I haven’t been able to have any time to make a start on them.
If I can manage to do at least the first three or four, then I will be able to make them up a couple of days in advance. But I cannot see myself being able to find the time to do even one!

As for the rest of the Christmas theme, I will put up the additional images, but not the banner, as I haven’t complete it yet.

I wonder what a couple of my New Year Resolutions will be….

Merry Christmas every one

Finally Started Xmas Shopping!


Well okay, I went around the mall in Cribbs Causeway with my mum in the afternoon, and I brought a couple of presents for my girlfriend (read: *special* friend)

I was also picking up a couple of ideas for what to buy everyone else.
I think I have I know what to buy now. Its just a case of when I’m going to be able to have the time to do the shopping!
This morning, just before work!

In other news, I will get the images done for the Christmas theme, again I just need to find the time!

Gotta go shopping now
Bye for now!

Christmas is getting ever nearer!

Its true, honest!

I had my Christmas meal at work today. It’s free, and the managers bring the food over to your table.
I had my first chestnuts, they were mixed up with the over cooked sprouts!
For afters I had Christmas pudding with, I think, cream, or it could of been brandy sauce!
Then they came round with a tray of mince pies, from the extra special range, of course!

I didn’t do any shopping on Monday, as my sister was working, and I still don’t have a clue as to what to get anyone for Christmas!

On a brighter note, I’ve nearly completed the Christmas theme, I just need to finish the images.
Until then, I have updated the style, so you can all have a look at the new Christmas colours
I also have an idea for something special over the twelve days of Christmas πŸ˜‰

Bye for now

New Style is now live!

As of 11:40 am (GMT +1 hour) the new site style, and my new blog went live.

What do you think about it?
I have re-opened up comments, so comment, and/or register, and tell me what you think.

Date announced for new site style

The new site style will go live on the morning of Sunday 1st October 2006 (GMT +1 hour).

Until then I will be doing the final touches to the new style, and I will make sure I don’t forget about the 404 error page!

Sunday 1st will also be the day my new blog goes live.

Stay tuned!

New site style

This is just a quick post to say that there is a new style available on my website.
It is called Boxes (click to view style) and uses the same style that i have used on other sites and projects


This option is no longer available!

Style Sheet Switcher

I have implemented a style sheet switcher called UDASSS into my website
What this little gem does is set a cookie so that when the style sheet is changed all of the other pages use the same style sheet.

The change only happens when the alternate style is chosen from the Change Style page

On one of the alternate styles, there is a couple of areas that don’t have styles, but I am working on them, and will update the style sheets when I have finished.

This feature is no longer available!